Takin Ya Back with Kurt David

Kurt David

Skype ID:
Email: info@milehiradio.com
Website: http://www.milehiradio.com
Join your Show Host, Mr. Kurt David as he plays the best of the 60's, 70's and 80's three times a week, right here on MileHiRadio.com.

"My parents were not my favorite people growing up in the sixties and seventies" - sound familiar? We moved too many times - new cities, new friends, new radio stations. The last part turned out to be the best part of my early years. (thanks mom and dad) This exposure to some of the best radio stations in America would later play an all important part in allowing me to share the music I heard growing up...with YOU.

The appreciation I have for what it takes...and what it took to create a song is what drove me to create my own programs.

Sharing the secrets behind the songs...and blending together the music is my passion. I enjoy telling a story through a song or group of songs...and with that comes memories we have shared and experienced. Thanks for allowing me to share these slices of my musical memories. A special thanks to the players, singers, songwriters and producers who share my passion.

Takin' Ya Back airs every Tuesday at 5pm and 8 pm and again on Friday at 8 pm.
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